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Reverse Osmosis
Desalination Solutions
Naval Vessels


Offering onsite servicing wherever you are in the world.


We can diagnose many problems via phone and email.

Parts & Replacements

Providing spare parts for your existing systems.

Years of Experience

Over 20 years experience in the RO Desalination industry.

We provide service & spare parts for all makes of Reverse Osmosis units.

Betaservice & ROCHEM 

We are proud to have recently joined forces with ROCHEM Technical Services of Hamburg as their sole UK agent & distributor.  As such, we have access to their manufacturing capability to build & supply new RO units with permeate production capacities from 4m³/day to 500m³/day.

ROCHEM system design is based on 38 years of experience of installation of more than 3000 units on ships of various sizes. ROCHEM’s PF disc tube or TS modules are utilised exclusively on the systems – both module types offer superior performance when compared to the standard spiral-wound type of module.

There is no need to pre-treat the feed water supply with chemicals such as the requirement to dose with acid for pH correction that is necessary with spiral-wound modules. This assures that the quality of the potable water is not affected by any chemical contamination, resulting in significant savings in running costs for the well informed operator who chooses to install a ROCHEM/Betaservice desalination system.


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